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Stoltzfoos Golf Carts, LLC

Golf Cart Rentals in Lancaster, PA

Ensure an enjoyable experience on the fairway, campground, or community when you choose Stoltzfoos Golf Carts for all your rental needs. We’ve been renting premium golf carts since 2008 and have grown to become the choice rental company of countless customers throughout the northeast. Whether you need to rent an entire fleet for your facility or one cart for a weekend getaway, we have what you need!

Competitive Golf Cart Rental Prices

At Stoltzfoos Golf Carts, we strive to make gasoline and electric golf cart rentals not only accessible but affordable. That’s why we’re so dedicated to keeping golf cart rental prices on-budget for our customers. Starting at just $75 per day, you get a great deal AND a great time!  Whether you need to rent an entire fleet for your facility or just one for a getaway weekend, our golf cart rental prices are geared towards scoring you the best deal possible!

We have two different models available: gasoline-powered golf cart rentals and electric golf cart rentals- with a roof, windshield, headlights & taillights installed! While both of these models are efficient and powerful, the option is totally up to you to you decide. To inquire about our gas or electric golf cart rentals, call us today. Our golf cart rentals are booking quickly this season so don’t hesitate if you are interested in reserving!

Why Choose Us for Your Cart Rentals?

It goes without saying that a cart rental can make any day at the golf course, trip to the beach, or ride around the campground or community all the better! But oftentimes we get asked questions about whether purchasing a golf cart or renting a golf cart is better. To that, we always recommend our customers consider the following perks of golf cart rentals vs. purchases:

  • More Affordable: By choosing a cart rental, you save thousands of dollars that you would be spending on purchasing and maintaining your own. This is a much more financially wise move if you use a golf cart minimally throughout the year – especially considering our golf cart rental prices!
  • Simple Access: Both gasoline and electric golf cart rentals from our company are easy to reserve and even easier to pick up. We take pride in being ultra-transparent upfront and easy going.
  • Fun Transportation: Renting a golf cart for your family vacation is a fun, unique way to create memories. Even your transportation from place to place can be exciting!

If you’re still wondering whether or not a rental is right for you, please check out the available golf carts for sale at Stoltzfoos Golf Carts and contact us with any questions!

Call Now to Book Your Golf Cart Rental

For a trusted company with reliable rentals, look no further than Stoltzfoos Golf Carts. Our extensive fleet of beautiful carts consists of some of the best-maintained in the area since we also sell and service golf carts on our lot.

Finding gasoline or electric golf cart rentals in Lancaster, PA has never been easier! Don’t wait another day – check our golf cart rental prices and reserve yours now!

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