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Golf Cart Rentals

Ensure an enjoyable experience on the fairway, campground, or community when you choose Stoltzfoos Golf Carts for all your rental needs. We’ve been renting premium golf carts to golf courses, campgrounds, companies, and individuals since 2008. Whether you need to rent an entire fleet for your facility or one cart for a weekend getaway, we have what you need.

Why Rent a Golf Cart?

It goes without saying that the use of a golf cart can make many experiences more enjoyable. Yet, when it comes to getting the best value, individuals and businesses alike are faced with the question of buy or rent? While both options have their advantages, please consider the following points regarding rentals.

No Commitment: First and foremost, by choosing to rent you won’t be accruing the same expense as if you chose to buy. If you don’t play often enough or only need the cart for one or two weekends a year, then renting can serve as a great alternative to an actual purchase.

Ease of Access: Renting from us is a great choice because of the expert team we employ handle any of your questions. We take pride in being transparent and painting the clearest picture possible for all customers.

Learn What You Like: Renting a golf cart can serve as the ultimate test drive. If your yearly use justifies a purchase yet you would get a better feel for what you want in a golf cart, then renting before buying is the right choice for you.

Local Golf Cart Rentals for all your needs

Consumers everywhere are starting to realize the impressive versatility of golf carts. No longer just used for golf, golf carts now see use as security vehicles, venue transport, farm vehicles, snowplows, gardening vehicles and much more. There’s no limit to the potential of uses of golf carts. If you’re unsure whether a golf cart makes sense for your situation, we invite you to speak to a member of our team to learn more about the potential of both gas and electric golf carts.

Golf Cart Rentals – Call Today!

If you’re in the market for a golf cart rental, look no further than the trusted team at Stoltzfoos Golf Carts. We pride ourselves on providing a reliable golf cart rental service that enables both individuals and businesses to get exactly what they need. Start enjoying your experience that much more when you rent from us. Our team is available to answer all your questions and takes pride in going above and beyond customer expectation. Contact us today to learn more!

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