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Golf Cart Leasing

Terms For Leasing

  1. Liability for property damage or injuries incurred while the cart is being used by the club will be the responsibility of the club and not the responsibility of the Stoltzfoos Golf Carts, LLC. By this agreement, we agree to release indemnify and hold harmless the Stoltzfoos Golf Carts, LLC. and Benuel J. Stoltzfoos from any liability as described above.
  2. Damaged Carts – We acknowledge and agree that we are responsible for payment to repair all damage to carts while at our club, regardless of cause. The damage cart will be repaired by the Pro’s Nest, Inc. Parts and Labor for repairs will be billed to the club. The Club will be billed replacement cost for demolished or stolen Carts.
  3. There will be a charge of $2.50 for any lost keys.
  4. There will be an additional charge if cart is rented out for 9 holes or 18 holes over one round.
  5. Rainout Policy – you will be billed one-half of normal rental fee.
  6. Cancelation Policy- Any Carts canceled in less than seven (7) days prior to the date that they are reserved for will be charged at rate of one-half of the rental rate fee per cart.
  7. Golf carts from the rental fleet shall not be used for marshaling on the golf course at any time.
  8. Golf carts from the rental fleet shall not be used for golf course maintenance at any time.
  9. Golf Carts from the rental fleet shall not be used as a lunch wagon at or moving bar or portable liquor bar on the golf course.
  10. Terms: Net 30 days, 2% added after 30 days and 2% every 30 days thereafter
  11. There will be a charge of $10.00 per cart for removal of stickers or decals or tape or residue from same that are put on by your club which leave such residue.

Leasing Agreement

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